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Interested in grants and fundraising for your school? I'll be co-hosting a presentation with John Campbell from FundEDStrategies at the Independent Charter Schools Virtual Conference. Join us to learn how to find the funds your school needs.
Nov 16, 9:00 AM – Nov 18, 5:00 PM

"Let's hope they can rise above politics and find a way to serve their communities." - Hear what @GrantsMentor of Granting Your Vision has to say about reopening schools on the #StoryOfTheDay.

Featured on June 18, 2020

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Featured on August 9, 2019


What does it take to open a new charter school?⠀

Find out from @GrantsMentor, author of "Charter School Grants: Save Time and Write a Better Grant" on the #StoryOfTheDay.

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Instagram Story of the Day

Featured on October 1, 2018


"#NM Lawmakers Consider Lengthening #School Year by 10 Days in Attempt to Improve Struggling #Schools" - Peggy Downs of @CharterShoolLeaders has the #StoryOfTheDay

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