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I’m here to support you and I love to share information.  Most of what you’ll find on this website is free for you to use and share in exchange for your email address. Some items include affiliate links, and I will receive a small percentage of sales if you wish to purchase. I only recommend tools, books, and services that I use. Integrity and authenticity continue to be my highest priority.

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Grants Explorer

As a Grants Explorer, you want to learn more about how to find and write grants.  Choose the course or resource that meets your needs today.  Come back when you are ready to learn more. I'm adding new courses so check back often!

Classroom Grants for Teachers

Give your teachers the tools they need to write classroom grants with confidence.

Special Offer

  • Forever access to the training! Download the videos to your personal or shared drive to use and share as you wish. 

  • Free report included, “Classroom Grants for Teachers,” with 20+ links to classroom grants

  • Free spreadsheet included, “Grants Tracker,” to make the job of finding and tracking grants much easier. It’s what I use!

  • Access to private Facebook group with others who are interested in writing grants for charter schools. Get support and collaboration in a positive and private group.

  • Personal support from me: you or your teachers can contact me with questions or concerns at any time by email or Facebook group.

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee: I stand behind my work. No questions asked.

  • Free BONUS: Grab a copy of my e-book, Leadership through Grants, as my gift to you.


Last call at this price! Price is increasing very soon. Buy now for this amazing offer.

Use the link below for a special web discount.

Colorado Charter School Conference Presentation

In February 2019, I gave a presentation to charter school leaders in Denver.  

Based on book, called Charter School Grants: How to Save Time and Write a Better Grant. This presentation covers:

  • WHY–why you should write a grant and why donors fund them

  • WHERE –search tips

  • HOW –how to get organized

  • RESOURCES –website and appendices


Download the #CLCS19 presentation slides here.

Classroom Grants for Teachers

What if you would rather have me train your teachers directly? This course is now available as a live webinar or onsite training for your school.  

You can provide a powerful new resource and help your teachers build valuable skills.

I believe that teachers who write grants become school leaders who write grants. And I am here to support charter school leaders with the resources and training you need.

Webinar: $199
Onsite Training: $299 plus travel


Schedule training

for August 2019*

and get 15% discount.
*subject to availability


Contact me to schedule your training today

Charter School Grants Webinar

This FREE webinar was sponsored by Charter.Support.  

A shared vision; learn how to partner with donors to make a difference. This session will change the way you think about grants.

  • Find out how to see your grant proposal from the funder’s perspective.

  • Learn how to craft your message to meet their needs, and then develop your program, find your grant donor, and write a proposal that works.


Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar to learn more.

7 Day Write a Grant Challenge

​In 7 days, you'll know what your project is, whom you want to serve, and how to choose a donor.  You’ll have a fully-planned proposal for an easy grant in just 7 easy steps.

This challenge was written for school leaders and includes two easy grant applications.

It's free!

Start your journey today.

NCSC19 Conference Presentation

In July 2019, I gave this presentation to charter school leaders at the national conference in Las Vegas.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  1. See your grant proposal from the funder’s perspective and craft your message to meet their needs

  2. Develop your program proposal

  3. Find your grant donor

  4. Write a proposal that works


Download the handout here.

It's free!

Grant-Writing Worksheet

Watch the 30-minute video recap of the presentation.