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Why do I love this organization?

It just makes sense. Here is the Resolution passed at the initial meeting:

Students, families, educators—indeed the entire country—need a national, independent, democratically organized group to advocate for independently managed, financially transparent, community oriented public charter schools as articulated in our Statement of Principles.

-- Resolution passed at the 1st Independent Charter School Symposium

I was a member of the National Coordinating Committee to help set up this coalition!

Support for charter schools nationwide

The Charter Support Unit offers a deep bank of resources and information for charter school founders and operators. Although they operate directly in five key regions, their tools and webinars are available for anyone. 

You'll even find a webinar on grant writing from me! Charter School Grants

A community for K-12 school leaders shares inspiring and engaging education advice, resources, and tips

You'll find a wealth of information on this site, ranging from leadership topics to classroom and instructional issues. 

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My Favorite Books for Grant Writing
If you are serious about writing grants, you need these books.


Check out these blog posts to see why: 

My Favorite Books for School Leadership
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