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I’m here to support you and I love to share information.  Most of what you’ll find on this website is free for you to use and share in exchange for your email address. Some items include affiliate links, and I will receive a small percentage of sales if you wish to purchase. I only recommend tools, books, and services that I use. Integrity and authenticity continue to be my highest priority.

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My Favorite Websites
My Favorite Grants Database
My Favorite Books for Grant Writing
If you are serious about writing grants, you need these books.
My Favorite Books for School Leadership
My Favorite Products


Use Grammarly to check the final draft of your next grant proposal and make sure it's the best it can be.


Make the most of your time in the car with audiobooks.


Get organized for the new school year with new calendars.

ifocus 90-day planner

I LOVE this planner! It is useful for any entrepreneur.  And what is a charter school leader, if not an entrepreneur?

Order yours today and get focused. You'll be glad you did.