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Can you get a grant for that? 

You have an idea for a grant, or you’ve seen a grant you’d like to apply for…now what?

Consider adding Charter School Grants to your collection. 

Charter School Grants offers the information you need to find, plan, and write your first grant.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why grant makers support schools

  • How to find grants

  • What documentation you need available

  • How to develop a strong proposal

After you read this book, you’ll be ready to plan your first grant proposal and submit a completed application. Most school leaders understand the value of grants but get lost in the process. Charter School Grants will guide you through every step of the way for any small to medium-sized grant. 

This book works well with the Great Grants Planner!

You will learn the most effective way to plan, find, and write school grants, and win more grants than you thought possible. 

Get started writing grants for your school with Charter School Grants.


Free List

50 Grants for Your School

This updated list includes 50 grants that accept applications from schools like yours. Download this free list and get ready to find your next grant.

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Grants Tracker

Download this free spreadsheet to track your grants like a pro. It's what I use!

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Tips for Success

Learn how to prepare for success. Download your free Tips for Success and start fulfilling your school's vision with a successful grants program.


Get Results with Grants

A Step-by-Step Action Plan for School Leaders

Course 1 - Prepare Your First Grant Application

It’s time to make grants part of your plan. In this course, you’ll learn how to plan and write your first grant application.

If you take action following the steps I provide in this course, you’ll have your first application submitted and you’ll have everything in place to make it easier for the next one.

No more frustration and wasted time tracking down missing documents or planning a program that won't be funded!

Learn this step-by-step system for planning and developing your grants program from an experienced school leader and grant writer. Develop your skills and prepare your school for success with grants. Submit your next grant with confidence.

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