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Grant Writing for School Leaders

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Quick Reference Guides and Cheatsheets for Schools

Explore helpful resources with the links below. Click on the "Learn more" button to find details and to download digital files from my product page on Gumroad. 

Save time and stay organized with these infographics and resource bundles.


Is Your School Grant-Ready?

Printable Infographic

The question I hear most often from school leaders is, "What can I do to make sure my school is ready for grants?" This infographic will help you know the 6 simple steps you need to take to set your school up for success. Print in color on 11 X 17 for best results.

5 Strategies to Impact Through Grants

Printable Infographic

Based on my book, Grant Writing for Impact, this  infographic will help you remember the 5 strategies for creating a sustainable grants program: Envision, Establish, Engage, Execute, and Extend. Print in color on 11 X 17 for best results.

4 Ts of Giving for Charter Schools

Download this free infographic to remind you to encourage your community to engage with your school deeply for maximum connection. Print in color on 11 X 17 for best results.

Printable Infographic

Set Your Funding Goals

Printable Infographic

Learn how to set funding goals for your school with this helpful cheatsheet. Reviews the school support pyramid and the steps you can take to improve your fundraising success.Print in color on 11 X 17 for best results.

Grant Writer Interview Questions

Work with a Grant Writer that Works for You

Interview professional grant writers to find the best match for your school.

Download this list of 10 questions to ask a grant writer, and 10 questions they may ask you. Be prepared to choose the best grant writer to help you meet your goals.

Create Success with Classroom Grants

Classroom Grants Resources for Teachers

If you have purchased Create Success with Classroom Grants, use your special code to download this bundle for free.

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Create Success with Classroom Grants by Peggy Downs

What You'll Get:

  • Classroom Grants for Teachers - Grants List

  • Grants Tracker - Excel Spreadsheet

  • Create Success - Printable Infographic

Download these resources and get ready to CREATE SUCCESS WITH CLASSROOM GRANTS.

Grant Writing Starter Kit

Get Started Today

You want to write a grant for your school but it's hard to know where to start. The Grant Writing Starter Kit provides all my most popular resources at once. No need to track down each file or download from your email. They're all here!

What You'll Get:

  • 50 Grants for Schools - Grants List

  • COVID-19 - Grants List

  • Classroom Grants for Teachers - Grants List

  • Grants Tracker - Excel Spreadsheet

  • Grants Checklist - Word Document

  • Grant-Writing Worksheet

  • Tips for Success

  • Grants Comparison Chart

  • Visualize Your Grant Program

  • Grant Writer Interview Questions

  • Grants Admin Checklist

  • Quick-Start Guide for School Grants

Get started today with the Grant Writing Starter Kit.


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