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Grant Writing for School Leaders

About Granting Your Vision

Welcome to Granting Your Vision LLC, where our dedication to education and grant writing spans over two decades. Allow us to share our recent accomplishments and introduce our growing team.

Recent Accomplishments:

Granting Your Vision has recently transitioned into an LLC, demonstrating our commitment to growth and enhanced service delivery. This transition, which occurred in 2023, has enabled us to expand our offerings, including the highly sought-after Foundation Grants Success Package and Federal Grants Pro Service. These packages, rigorously tested by multiple clients this year, are designed to meet the diverse needs of schools and education nonprofits seeking grant funding. For detailed information about these services, please visit our Services page.

We are proud to announce that this year alone, we have successfully obtained over $1.8 million in funding, underscoring our dedication to securing financial support for schools and nonprofits across the country. A notable achievement includes securing a Charter School Program (CSP) grant for a proposed charter school in Wisconsin. Our commitment extends beyond grant acquisition to actively participating in post-award grant activities, ensuring a thorough and effective implementation process.

In addition to grant writing services, we have also assisted with charter school applications and conducted peer reviews of federal grants, serving a variety of charter schools and nonprofits this year.

Mission and Vision:

At Granting Your Vision, our mission remains steadfast: to help charter schools, private schools, and nonprofit organizations accelerate academic achievement for all students. Our services are tailored to guide organizations toward their goals in funding, program development, and school improvement.

Our vision is to empower schools and education nonprofits to achieve their funding goals and make a lasting impact in their communities. Fueled by a deep commitment to excellence and innovation in education, we provide top-notch grant writing services, fundraising support, and expert guidance. Our ultimate goal is to inspire positive change in the world, one organization at a time.

Meet Our Team:

Peggy Downs, Founder and Grant Specialist

With over two decades of expertise, I am Peggy Downs, Founder and Grant Specialist at Granting Your Vision. Commencing my journey in 1999 as a founding member of the inaugural K-12 charter school in Boulder County, Colorado, I have been deeply committed to charter schools and academic success for all students.


In alignment with this commitment, I founded Granting Your Vision in 2018. Recognizing the critical need for support within schools and education nonprofits, I established this venture to provide comprehensive assistance in grant writing. In 2023, Granting Your Vision evolved into an LLC, marking a pivotal moment in our growth, with the addition of one more dedicated team member.

My roles have spanned from a founding parent, teacher, director, and board member to my current position as a consultant. These diverse experiences uniquely inform my perspective on successful program development and school leadership. Alongside my contributions to charter school leadership, I've been a contributor to nationally recognized Core Knowledge units and an author of impactful books on grant writing, reflecting my unwavering commitment to empowering educational institutions. 

As a seasoned professional, I offer services as a grant writer, peer reviewer for state and federal grants, and a dedicated RFP writer for a national education curriculum publisher. With a dynamic skill set, I am committed to transforming visions into tangible realities for schools and nonprofits nationwide.

Emily Van Luit, Associate Grant Writer 

After dedicating nearly two decades to Colorado's charter school community as both a teacher and administrator, I embarked on a pivotal chapter in my career, transitioning to California's Central Coast. This shift has not only brought a wealth of diverse experiences but signified a profound step into a new educational landscape.


Now, in my capacity as a professional grant writer, Request for Proposal (RFP) specialist, and educational consultant, I am thrilled and honored to be joining the Granting Your Vision team! This move represents an exciting leap forward in my career, aligning with my dedication to educational advancement. The chance to collaborate with such a dynamic team, committed to transforming visions into impactful realities nationwide, fills me with great enthusiasm. Joining Granting Your Vision feels like the perfect synergy, aligning my dedication with a team that shares the same unwavering commitment to making a profound and positive difference.


Kari Forrester, Virtual Assistant

With over 19 years of experience in the education sector, I am thrilled to join the Granting Your Vision team and contribute my expertise in supporting charter schools, as well as educational and nonprofit organizations nationwide, particularly in my home state of Colorado.

My journey began in the classroom, where I spent nine years as a dedicated teacher and administrator in charter schools. During this time, I developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities these organizations face, and a passion for creating nurturing environments that foster student growth and academic excellence. I hold an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and earned my Master's degree from Colorado Christian University.

Recognizing the profound impact of trauma on young minds, I transitioned my focus for the past decade to providing trauma-informed care to adolescents in residential and day treatment settings. This experience has further reinforced my commitment to ensuring safe, supportive environments where students and educators alike can thrive and reach their full potential.

At Granting Your Vision, I am honored to be part of a team that shares my dedication to seeking innovative solutions and providing valuable resources to meet the diverse needs of our clients. I look forward to collaborating with charter school administrators, educators, and nonprofit leaders to identify and address their most pressing challenges, and to contribute to their ongoing success.


We're excited about the future as we plan to expand our team further, bringing on new grant writers to enhance our capabilities. Thank you for being a part of Granting Your Vision's journey toward transforming visions into reality.

Explore Our Services:

Whether you're new to grant writing and looking to improve your chances by becoming Grant Ready or you are an established organization aiming to secure a major or federal grant, Granting Your Vision is here to support you. We specialize in preparing you for success with grants, developing programs that funders will want to support, and managing your grants pipeline to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Expanded Reach Across the US:

We take pride in having worked with charter schools and nonprofits across the United States, from San Francisco to Miami. Our diverse clientele includes established charter schools, new start-up charter schools, private schools, and education nonprofits. If you are dedicated to improving academic success for students in K-12, we likely have a grant solution for you.

Goals for 2024:

Our goal for 2024 is to 'expand our reach.' Our commitment involves serving a broader clientele, unveiling new services, and fortifying our role in the education sector. Thank you for being a part of Granting Your Vision's transformative expedition. Whether you need assistance with grant writing or seek support in developing a Funding Plan, we stand ready to help you realize your objectives.

Mission / Vision / Values


Our mission is to help charter schools, private schools, and nonprofit organizations accelerate academic achievement for all students by providing services that drive them toward their goals for funding, program development, and school improvement.



At Granting Your Vision, we empower schools and education nonprofits to achieve their funding goals and create a lasting impact in their communities. Our work is driven by a deep commitment to excellence and innovation in education. By providing top-notch grant writing services, fundraising support, and expert guidance, we help our clients unlock their full potential and transform their vision into reality. Our ultimate goal is to inspire positive change in the world, one organization at a time.


Whether I am writing grants, reviewing federal grants, developing programs, or supporting schools, I work and live by the following values.

  • Wisdom: I believe that wisdom is the key to unlocking success for myself and my clients. By discerning relationships between people, ideas, and experiences, I can better understand the needs of my clients and apply my expertise to help them achieve their goals.

  • Service: One of my greatest joys is providing assistance to others, whether or not it is expected or returned. I believe that by giving back to my community, I can make a meaningful impact on the world around me.

  • Creativity: I believe that creativity is the engine that drives innovation and progress. By using my imagination to produce new ideas and solutions, I can add value to the lives of those around me and help them achieve their full potential.

  • Effort: I am a firm believer in persistent effort and hard work. By consistently giving my all to the tasks needed to accomplish my goals, I can achieve success and inspire others to do the same.

Students in Classroom

Learn More About Me

Visit my profile on LinkedIn to learn about my 20 years' experience in charter schools and my recent work with grants.

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