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 Charlotte Callegari

Hi Peggy, 

I feel blessed to have found your books and information! I have learned a lot about the importance of the thank you when creating a letter. 

We are a Visual and Performing Arts Academy in Southern California. We are happy to have completed our first year successfully. 

Your ideas and suggestions are awesome! I am eager to the possibility of putting them in motion.


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Grant Writing

Develop high quality grants to meet your school goals with the following services: 

* Research and recommend grants

* Align with your priorities and goals

* Develop grant proposals

* Edit grants and prepare related documents

* Submit approved grants

Laptop Writing

Grant Editing

Review and edit your grant proposals to meet highest quality standards and best practices:

* Federal grants

* Major grants

* Foundation grants

Female Lecturer

Grants Training

Coach and train you or your staff to build capacity for program success:

* Mentoring

* Online training

* Webinar

* Workshops at conferences

See Shop​ for full list of current resources.


Grant Resources

Developing books and printables to support your work with grants:

* Start-Up Guide for School Grants

* Charter School Grants

* Grant Writing for Impact

* NEW - Create Success with Classroom Grants

See Shop for full list of current resources.



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