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Unlock Funding with Confidence: Your Path to Stress-Free Grant Writing

Grant Writing Tailored for Schools and Nonprofits: Elevate Your Mission with Strategic Funding

Are you in search of stress-free grant writing services designed to meet the unique needs of schools and nonprofits? As a cohesive team of accomplished grant writers, we are your dedicated partners in organizing and streamlining your grant-seeking efforts, ensuring your proposals reflect the core mission and values of your organization.

Experience a structured approach to grant seeking that puts you in control of the process, instilling confidence in your ability to secure the funding you need. We offer an extensive list of potential grants meticulously curated to align with your priorities, providing you with the optimal chance of success.

Our grant proposals are not just documents; they are powerful narratives crafted to captivate funders, significantly increasing your likelihood of winning. Whether you represent a school or nonprofit in the education sector, our commitment is to assist you in obtaining the funding necessary to fulfill your mission and accelerate academic achievement.

Embark on your grant writing journey with confidence. Take the first step today by reaching out to us, and let's transform your aspirations into funded realities with our collective expertise.


Granting Your Vision: Transformative Funding Solutions for Educational Excellence

Granting Your Vision LLC, guided by the mission to accelerate academic achievement for all students, offers expert grant writing support tailored for charter schools, private schools, and nonprofit organizations. Our dedicated services drive clients towards their funding, program development, and school improvement goals. Designed for school leaders and education nonprofits serving K-12 students in the USA, our comprehensive packages provide targeted assistance in pursuing grant funding to enrich and advance their impactful programs and projects. Elevate your institution's potential with Granting Your Vision's specialized solutions.

Introduction to Foundation Grants for New Schools and Nonprofit Organizations (0-3 Years)

Embark on a transformative funding journey with our "Introduction to Foundation Grants for New Schools and Nonprofit Organizations (0 – 3 Years)" package, meticulously crafted for organizations in their early stages. Over 12 weeks, we offer comprehensive organizational support, including scheduled consultations, a shared calendar, and a designated folder for streamlined collaboration. Our readiness audit assesses your organization's preparedness for grant-seeking, guiding you to fortify strengths and address weaknesses. We delve into your organization's history, presenting a compelling narrative of its inception, vision, and founders' qualifications. Crafting a clear program description and persuasive need statement enhances your capacity to articulate mission and impact, setting the stage for effective funding requests. Our package includes the creation of a basic budget aligned with the grant proposal, ensuring financial transparency. The service culminates with a curated list of at least 10 prioritized foundation grants, kickstarting your grant-seeking journey with hands-on support in submitting three applications under $25,000. Elevate your organization's grant readiness with Granting Your Vision's expertise. Contact us for more information or schedule a free exploratory call.

Full-Service Foundation Grants Success Package For Established Schools and Nonprofits (3+ years)

Elevate your organization's trajectory with our "Full-Service Foundation Grants Success Package" crafted for established schools and nonprofits (3+ years). This 12-week comprehensive program, an extension of our Introduction Package, encompasses core features designed to enhance grant readiness and exclusive services tailored for more established entities.

Building on the organizational support, readiness audit, history compilation, program description, need statement, budget creation, and grant search from the Introduction Package, the Full-Service Package introduces enhanced features. Delve into the intricacies of your organization's financial landscape with a detailed program budget, recognizing the unique budgetary needs of more established entities. Craft a robust evaluation plan that goes beyond program descriptions, providing a strategic roadmap with benchmarks and measures for effective goal assessment. Develop a sustainability plan, outlining how your organization will ensure program continuity beyond grant funding, positioning you for long-term success.

Demonstrate a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with a carefully crafted statement that aligns with your organization's values. Present a visually appealing organizational chart, compelling bios for key members, and hands-on support in submitting five grants up to $50,000 each, diversifying your funding sources and expanding your reach.

Granting Your Vision's Full-Service Package not only strengthens your grant-seeking journey but also positions your organization as a competitive and impactful force. Contact us for more details or schedule a free exploratory call to explore how we can elevate your vision for success.

Federal Grants Pro Service

Unlock comprehensive federal grant support with our "Federal Grant Pro Service," meticulously designed to elevate your organization's success in securing federal funding. This service ensures a thorough and expert approach, offering enhanced organizational support, a readiness audit, in-depth grant research, assistance in navigating, and support in identifying relevant training sessions.


Craft a compelling needs statement backed by research and data, justifying your organization's eligibility for federal funding. Our experts will assist you in developing a persuasive program description narrative aligned with the Federal Notice Inviting Applications (NIA). Showcase your goals and expected outcomes with a meticulously crafted logic model based on federal grant standards.


Ensure a comprehensive and accurate budget coordination with your finance team, reflecting program costs, and providing a detailed budget narrative for clarity and transparency. We assist in the development of performance measures aligned with federal grant requirements, ensuring an accurate assessment of program impact. Our service also includes collaborative work on an evaluation plan, showcasing how success will be measured effectively.


Granting Your Vision's Federal Grant Pro Service is your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of federal grants, providing a comprehensive and tailored approach to maximize your chances of success. Contact us for more details or schedule a free exploratory call to discuss how we can unlock federal grant opportunities for your organization.

Ongoing Support

Embark on a seamless transition to ongoing grant support with our tailored services. Choose from our distinctive tiers to meet your organization's evolving needs.

Tier 1: Foundation Building and Support Service

Ideal for organizations aged 0-3 years, this tier offers foundational support, including monthly consultations, grant searches, and the submission of 1-2 grants per month. Ensure your grant strategy aligns with your goals. 

Tier 2: Ongoing Grant Support Service

Tailored for established organizations with ongoing grant needs, this tier provides bi-weekly consultations, funding plan development, and up to 3 monthly grant submissions. Elevate your grant-seeking efforts. 

Tier 3: Capital Campaign Funding Package

For organizations seeking major project or capital campaign funding, Tier 3 offers bi-weekly consultations, specialized training, enhanced grant searches, and major/federal grant submissions. Streamline your major funding endeavors. 

Tier 4: On-Demand Grant Consulting

Ideal for those seeking occasional support, this tier offers on-demand grant evaluation, search, and strategic consultations. Benefit from tailored sessions without a fixed monthly fee.


Discover the right fit for your ongoing support needs with Granting Your Vision. Contact us to discuss your unique goals and explore our services further.

Why Choose Granting Your Vision

  • Tailored Expertise: We understand the nuances of the education sector, offering services specifically designed to address the challenges faced by schools and nonprofits.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: From foundation grants to federal funding and strategic planning, our services cover the spectrum of needs, ensuring a holistic approach to your organization's success.

  • Proven Track Record: Benefit from our extensive experience and successful track record in securing grants and fostering academic achievement.

Let's Transform Your Vision into Reality!

Granting Your Vision is not just a service provider; we are your strategic partner in transforming education and creating opportunities for students to thrive. Explore our services, envision the possibilities, and take the first step toward unlocking the resources and strategies needed to accelerate your organization's success.

Contact us today to schedule an exploratory call and embark on a transformative journey towards academic excellence and school excellence. Together, we can create lasting change and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those you serve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have you been writing grants? A. I initiated my journey into grant writing during the summer of 2018, collaborating with an independent charter school in Utah. Since then, I have continually expanded my expertise and experience in the field.

Q. What are your primary areas of expertise? A. My involvement with charter schools spans over two decades, encompassing roles as a founding parent, teacher, director, and board member. With a specialized focus on charter school leadership, I've written over 75 foundation grants and contributed to the development of charter school applications, training materials, and major/federal grants. I've also served as a Peer Reviewer for CSP Grants (US Dept of Ed, 2018, 2019, 2022 & 2023), CCSP Grants (Colorado Dept of Ed, 2020, 2021 & 2023), Education Innovation & Research (EIR) Grant, and Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) Grant in 2022. This experience has provided valuable insights into the evaluation and scoring of CSP grants.

Q. What is your understanding of school funding and nonprofit organizations? A. Having immersed myself in charter schools since 2000, my journey began as a founding parent in a Colorado charter school. I progressed from a teacher to a Charter School Director, completing a Master's degree in Educational Leadership with a focus on Charter School Leadership in 2009. This extensive experience has equipped me with an in-depth understanding of charter school finances and best practices in grants management. In the past three years, I've extended my expertise to working directly with small nonprofit organizations, aiding in program development and grant proposal writing.

Q. What experience do you have working with grants for schools and nonprofits? A. I've written more than 75 foundation grants for charter schools and nonprofits across seven states. My passion lies in supporting education nonprofits that focus on student-centric initiatives, such as STEM programming and after-school tutoring. Notably, I crafted a winning CSP grant for a new charter school in 2023.

Q. What is your process like? A. Grant writing is a collaborative effort tailored to your organization's unique goals. Together, we ensure your readiness to win grants, covering documentation preparation, clarity in statements describing your work, and appropriate grant selection. We start by sharing essential documents like your IRS 501(c)(3) letter, recent budget, and charter or strategic plan goals. Grant selection aligns with your goals, and with your approval, I begin drafting proposals. Regular communication ensures the work meets your expectations, with opportunities for your input and final review before submission.

Q. What would you expect from me or my staff? A. Your involvement includes providing necessary documents and information. Feedback on draft submissions is crucial for meeting your expectations. Throughout the process, feel free to communicate any questions or concerns.

Q. What is your availability? A. While my schedule is flexible, I do have ongoing commitments. Typically, I can produce a foundation grant within two weeks. Major grants or federal grants may require advance notice and take approximately six weeks to complete.

Foundation Grants Success Package - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the Foundation Grants Success Package include? A: Our package covers a comprehensive set of services tailored to help your organization secure funding through foundation grants. It includes a readiness audit, funding plan development, grant narratives, prospect research, prioritization, customized grant proposal development, program budget creation, and professional management of all grant activities.

Q: How many grants are included in the package? A: The initial package offers development and submission of three grants at no additional charge. For extra submissions, we provide competitive pricing at a discounted rate. Feel free to inquire about current pricing after the initial services are fulfilled.

Q: What is a Readiness Audit? A: It's a thorough review of your organization's preparedness to apply for foundation grants, ensuring all necessary documentation is in order.

Q: What is a Funding Plan? A: It's a detailed roadmap outlining strategies, activities, and timelines to guide your organization's fundraising efforts and maximize financial resources.

Q: What does Grant Prospect Research involve? A: We identify potential grant opportunities aligned with your program or project and provide a list of potential funders along with their application requirements.

Q: What is Grant Prioritization? A: It involves identifying and analyzing the best-fit grant opportunities that align seamlessly with your organization's mission and goals.

Q: How is the Professional Management service beneficial? A: We skillfully manage all grant activities, including prospect identification, application tracking, response monitoring, and deadline adherence.

Q: How does the package support additional grant submissions? A: We offer competitive pricing at a discounted rate for extra submissions beyond the initial package, leveraging the groundwork laid during the initial submissions.

Q: How can I get started with the Foundation Grants Success Package? A: Contact us today to learn more about how our package can help your organization submit compelling grant proposals that stand the best chance of being funded.

Federal Grant Pro Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services are included in the Federal Grant Pro Service? A: Our Federal Grant Pro Service is a comprehensive package designed to assist schools and non-profit organizations in securing federal funding. It includes a readiness audit, grant research, guidance on navigating, training support, customized grant narratives, needs statement development, program description crafting, action plan development, budget creation, and evaluation plan assistance.

Q: What is a Readiness Audit for federal grants? A: It's a thorough review to ensure your organization is prepared to apply for federal grants, covering all necessary documentation and readiness factors.

Q: How does the service assist in navigating A: We provide guidance and support in navigating the website, including assistance with registration and submitting applications.

Q: What is included in the Training Support service? A: We assist in identifying and participating in appropriate training sessions or webinars related to the selected federal grant opportunity, ensuring you are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Q: How are the grant narratives customized for the Federal Grant Pro Service? A: We tailor responses to federal grant standards and your organization's needs and priorities, ensuring a personalized and compelling narrative.

Q: What is the purpose of the Needs Statement Narrative? A: It involves developing a compelling needs statement supported by research and data that justifies your organization's unique need for federal funding.

Q: How does the service help in crafting the Program Description Narrative? A: We create a persuasive narrative that effectively communicates your organization's mission and program goals, aligned with the Federal Notice of Applications.

Q: What is included in Action Plan Development? A: We assist in developing an action plan outlining the steps needed to successfully implement your federal grant-funded program.

Q: Can you elaborate on Budget Development for federal grants? A: We work with your finance team to create a comprehensive budget that aligns with the program design and meets the grant's financial requirements.

Q: How does the service assist in Evaluation Plan Development? A: We help in developing a clear and effective evaluation plan demonstrating how your program will measure success, including coordinating with a third-party evaluation service if needed.

Q: How do I get started with the Federal Grant Pro Service? A: Contact us today to learn more about how our service can help your organization succeed with federal grants and to discuss your specific needs.

Funding Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of a Funding Plan? A: It's a standalone service focused on developing a customized roadmap, empowering your organization to secure funding from various sources, including grants, donations, and sponsorships.

Q: How does the Funding Plan service work? A: We assess your organization's funding needs, set clear goals, identify effective fundraising strategies, and develop a comprehensive plan with specific activities and timelines.

Q: How does the service leverage your expertise for fundraising initiatives? A: We provide guidance based on our experience and industry insights, unlocking the full potential of your fundraising efforts to achieve financial sustainability.

Q: Can the Funding Plan be customized to our organization's strengths and opportunities? A: Absolutely. The plan is tailored to your organization's unique strengths and opportunities, ensuring it aligns with your goals for maximum impact.

Q: How does a Funding Plan benefit our organization? A: It serves as a strategic roadmap, providing guidance and direction to maximize your fundraising efforts, approach funders confidently, and secure the resources needed for lasting impact.

Q: How do I get started with the Funding Plan service? A: Contact us to learn more about how our service can transform your fundraising strategy and help you unlock the resources needed to make a meaningful difference.

Consulting by the Hour - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Consulting by the Hour for Program Development? A: It's a flexible consulting service designed to provide tailored support and expertise in developing a compelling program for grant opportunities.

Q: How does the Consulting by the Hour service work? A: We analyze the grant opportunity, design a program aligned with goals, conduct a needs assessment, develop a logic model, create a budget, design an evaluation plan, and provide review and feedback throughout the process.

Q: What is included in Grant Opportunity Assessment? A: We thoroughly analyze the grant opportunity, reviewing requirements, guidelines, and evaluation criteria to develop a clear understanding of what the funding organization is seeking.

Q: How does the service help in Program Design Strategy? A: We work closely with you to design a program aligned with the grant's goals and objectives, identifying key components, outcomes, and impact measures.

Q: What is involved in Needs Assessment and Research? A: We conduct a comprehensive needs assessment, analyzing the target population, community needs, and existing resources to inform the development of a needs-driven program.

Q: What is the purpose of Logic Model Development? A: We assist in developing a logical framework outlining the program's inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes, demonstrating how your program will achieve the desired impact.

Q: How does the service help in Budget Development? A: We collaborate with you to create a detailed budget that aligns with the program design and meets the grant's financial requirements, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in fund utilization.

Q: What is included in Program Evaluation Plan development? A: We help you develop an evaluation plan outlining key performance indicators, data collection methods, and evaluation strategies to measure the program's success.

Q: Can I proceed with grant proposals after using the Consulting by the Hour service? A: Absolutely. If you decide to proceed with grant proposals after completing our consulting service, we offer a discounted rate, leveraging the foundational work already established during our collaboration.

Q: How do I get started with Consulting by the Hour? A: Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and take advantage of this opportunity to lay the groundwork for your future grant applications.

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What They’re Saying


"I appreciate how Peggy has supported my school. She has taken the stress from my shoulders in the grant and fundraising fields. I highly recommend her!"

Jan Macwatters, The Charter School Librarian

“The go-to person if you need help writing a grant to fund your charter school."

Alexis Bridges, CE Mitchell Tutoring Services LLC

"Peggy provides quality services and demonstrates exceptional skills in researching, drafting, and submitting grant proposals. I highly recommend her!"

Dr. Kim Scott, Teen Focus

“Without question, Peggy is one of the most highly skilled women in the field of grant writing.”


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