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With Support from an Experienced School Leader and Grant Writer

Take the Stress Out of Grant Writing

I'll Help You Organize Your Grant Seeking Efforts, So You Can Get Back to Helping Your School Fulfill the Mission.

  • Organized approach to grant seeking so that you are in control, which means you'll have confidence in the process.

  • Extensive list of potential grants so you can find funding from partners that share your priorities, which means you have the best chance of winning.

  • High-quality grant proposals that reflect your organization's mission and core values, which means we'll be creating powerful and compelling proposals that funders will want to support.

Contact me today to get started!

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Learn More About Me

Visit my profile on LinkedIn to learn about my 20 years' experience in charter schools and my recent work with grants.

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Current and Recent Clients


Successful Collaborations

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Cheyenne Classical Academy

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Supported team development of the charter school application; working on multiple grants to support proposed charter school in 2022.

WCA Sentinels.png

Wyoming Classical Academy

Casper, Wyoming

Supported team development of the charter school application; working on multiple grants to support proposed charter school in 2022.

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Heritage Heights Academy

Centennial, Colorado

Ongoing grant writing services for charter school. Developed charter school renewal application, based on the original application that I co-wrote in 2016. Served on the board of directors from 2016 to 2018.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.11.45 PM.png

Glacial Hills Elementary School

Starbuck, Minnesota

Grant writing services for charter school in 2022

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American Legacy Academy

Windsor, Colorado

Supported team development of the charter school application and the 2022 Colorado CSP Grant application

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.07.24 PM.png

Social Justice School

Washington, DC

Periodic grant writing to support programs and leadership goals for charter school

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.07.42 PM.png

Lamad Academy Charter School

Brooklyn, New York

Grant writing services provided  throughout 2021

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.14.38 PM.png

Capstone Classical Academy

Pleasant View, Utah

Wrote multiple grants for charter school; Supported leadership to open new school

Nonprofits & Other Contracts

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Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 2.49.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 5.44.03 PM.png
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been writing grants?

I started writing grants in the summer of 2018, working with an independent charter school in Utah.

What are your primary areas of expertise?

I have worked with charter schools for over 20 years, as a founding parent, teacher, director, and board member. I have written over 75 foundation grants for charter schools. I have also developed charter school applications, training materials, and several major/federal grants.


I served as a Peer Reviewer for CSP Grants (US Dept of Ed, 2018, 2019, 2022 & 2023) and CCSP Grants (Colorado Dept of Ed, 2020 & 2021), where I learned how CSP grants are evaluated and scored. I also reviewed the 2022 Education Innovation & Research (EIR) Grant and 2022 Full Service Community Schools (FSCS) Grant. 

What is your understanding of school funding and nonprofit organizations?

I have worked in charter schools since 2000, when I was a founding parent at a charter school in Colorado. I joined the staff as a teacher, and then moved on to teach at several other charter schools. I completed a Master's degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Charter School Leadership in 2009, and then I served as a Charter School Director for eight years. I am very familiar with charter school finances and best practices for grants management.

In addition, I have spent the past three years working directly with small nonprofit organizations to develop programs and write grant proposals. 

What experience do you have working with grants for schools and nonprofits?

I have written more than 75 foundation grants for charter schools and nonprofits in seven different states. I enjoy working with education nonprofits that support students, such as those that provide STEM programming and after-school tutoring programs.

What is your process like?

Grant writing is a team process. We will work together to be sure your organization is grant-ready, which means you are in the best possible position to win the grants we apply for. This includes ensuring all documentation is ready, you have clear and compelling statements to describe your work, and we select the right grants. 


Everything is driven by your goals and priorities. I'll ask you to share basic documents with me, such as your IRS 501(c)(3) letter, recent budget, and charter or strategic plan goals. Together, we identify grants that are appropriate to your goals. With your approval, I begin to draft the grant proposal(s). I'll communicate often early in the process so that we can be sure the work is meeting your expectations. I'll ask for your input on grant goals and expected outcomes, and request any additional information required for the grant. You will have a chance to review the final draft before it is submitted. If I am writing multiple grants for your school, I will track submissions and expected notification dates.

What would you expect from me or my staff?

You'll need to provide documents and information as needed. When a draft is submitted, I'll ask you to read it attentively and provide feedback so I can be sure to meet your expectations. If you have any questions throughout the process, please let me know.

What is your availability?

My schedule is flexible but I do have ongoing commitments to work around. I can usually produce a foundation grant within two weeks. Major grants or federal grants require advance notice and may take six weeks to complete.

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What They’re Saying

 Charlotte Callegari

Hi Peggy, 

I feel blessed to have found your books and information! I have learned a lot about the importance of the thank you when creating a letter. 

We are a Visual and Performing Arts Academy in Southern California. We are happy to have completed our first year successfully. 

Your ideas and suggestions are awesome! I am eager to the possibility of putting them in motion.


Find the Funding Your Students Deserve

Grant writing is a partnership. I will work with you to develop accurate and  compelling grant proposals, reflecting your mission and vision for the project or program.

My rates are based on the typical amount of time it takes to complete each service. You will be provided with a firm price for services before we begin our work. 


Services for the 2022-23 school year are listed below:

Create a Funding Plan

Get Ready for Grants ($250)

Develop goals and prepare documents to ensure your organization is grant ready. Identify 6 to 10 private or corporate foundations that accept unsolicited proposals or letters of interest for the appropriate type of support with open submission or deadlines within the following 90 days.

Letter of Inquiry/Interest

Make Initial Contact with Grant Funders ($200)

Developing customized letters of inquiry or interest to meet grant funder's requirements; Generally for grants which require a letter submitted first followed by an invitation to submit a full grant proposal. 

Foundation Grant Applications

Develop Grant Applications for Corporate and Private Foundations ($550)

Developing the narrative and budget for online applications or paper proposals, including all required attachments. 

Major Private or Corporate Foundation Grant Applications

Explore Large Grants (Typically $1,000, to be determined based on complexity of application)

Developing one grant application for a private or corporate foundation, generally requesting $100,000 or more.

Government Grant Applications

Build Your Capacity with Government Grants ($1,000 to $5,000)

Developing complex grant applications for government grants, including narrative, budget, and all required attachments. 

  • $1,000 for one State or Local Government Application

  • $2,000 for one Federal Grant Application

  • $5,000 for one specialized Federal Grant Application, such as the Charter School Program (CSP) grant.

15-Minute Exploratory Call


You can schedule a call to chat with me directly. Ask your questions and see if we're a good match. I would love to learn more about your work!

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720 409-2157

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