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Grant Writing for Impact Workbook

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Now Available! This book is a companion workbook for Grant Writing for Impact. This workbook was created because early readers asked for more. They wanted more examples, more checklists, and more guidance for planning and implementing the ideas and strategies found in the book. These tools made sense as a separate workbook, providing you with a place for developing your ideas and planning your program. More than 100 pages to help you plan, draft, and edit your plans.

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Available in paperback on Amazon for $29.99; You save 15% when you purchase this workbook PDF here.

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Build a comprehensive grants program for your school with Grant Writing for Impact and Grant Writing for Impact Workbook.


First 50 Readers Bonus Pack

Free Download

This Bonus Pack provides extra resources to help you complete the activities suggested in Grant Writing for Impact. 
Download your Bonus Pack today. Free to the first 50 readers only. Available for $4.99 after that.

50 Grants for Your School

This updated list includes 50 grants that accept applications from schools like yours. Download this free list and get ready to find your next grant.

Free List

Grants Checklist

Free Checklist

Grab your free checklist now and start collecting the information you will need to be successful with grants.

Grants Tracker

Download this free spreadsheet to track your grants like a pro. It's what I use!

Free Spreadsheet

Grant-Writing Worksheet

Free Worksheet

Download your free worksheet and start planning your proposal. This worksheet shows you how to draft your purpose statement, goals and action plan, budget, and timeline.

Funding Plan Template

Download this free spreadsheet to establish your funding plan.

Free Spreadsheet

Tips for Success

Free List

Learn how to prepare for success. Download your free Tips for Success and start fulfilling your school's vision with a successful grants program.

Grants Comparison Chart

Free Worksheet

You can use this chart to compare up to 3 grants that you are interested in. Helps you see the major factors to let you make the best decision.


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