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Catch up on what everyone is reading this summer

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Are you heading someplace fun this summer? Wherever you are going, don't forget to bring a good book! Whether you like to have a book in hand, read on your device, or listen on Audible, summer is a great time to be inspired by the ideas and experiences of other leaders through great books. Keep reading to find out what books to add to your list. Order now so they are ready when you pack your suitcase.

Wherever you are going, don't forget to bring a good book!

Amazon Book Shelf

I've been collecting your recommendations on the Charter School Leaders Book Shelf. This list contains recent books I've seen shared by your peers and many old favorites. See what you've missed at:

Amazon Best Sellers in Nonfiction

Amazon tracks top selling books in every category.

This link will show the latest best sellers in Nonfiction

Here is the link to the latest best sellers for Charter Schools:

Children's Books

Charter School Leaders Bookshelf

I've collected your recommendations on this special Amazon book list.You'll find books on leadership, school improvement and fundraising. Check it out!

You can always find time...for a good book

Well that should give you plenty to choose from. Make time to be inspired this summer. The next book you read could be the one that changes your life. Enjoy!


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