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Grant Writing for Impact

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Start-Up Guide for School Grants

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Charter School Grants 2.0

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Create Success with Classroom Grants

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Charter school leaders face a unique set of challenges that go beyond academics, and navigating those challenges can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be that way.


Peggy Downs, grants specialist and former charter school leader, has brought together a group of consultants who specialize in supporting charter schools to create a comprehensive guide filled with strategies and information to help you lead your school to success.


BEYOND ACADEMICS: ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR CHARTER SCHOOL LEADERS is a must-read for any charter school leader who wants to take their school to the next level. With contributions from eight different experts in various fields, you'll get a wide range of information and perspectives that you won't find anywhere else.


In this book, you'll find practical advice on:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Facility planning
  • Marketing your school effectively
  • Creating an engaging school website
  • Planning professional development
  • Supporting English learners
  • Using Singapore Math
  • Overcoming the fear of grants


We've compiled our advice on the biggest challenges facing charter school leaders, so you can get the answers you need to succeed. The great thing about having multiple experts is that you can learn from each of them and focus on the strategies and people that resonate the most with you and your unique situation.


Don't struggle alone. Download BEYOND ACADEMICS: ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR CHARTER SCHOOL LEADERS now and start leading your school to success.

Beyond Academics

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