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Do you want to provide the best possible resources for your students, but find yourself struggling with limited funding? Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to building a successful grants program for your school? Look no further than "Grant Writing for Impact."


Written by an experienced school leader and grant writer, this book offers a step-by-step system for developing a successful grants program. You'll learn how to clarify your goals, establish effective systems and teams, and engage with partners who share your vision. With this book, you'll be able to create a comprehensive funding plan that supports your school's improvement goals.

"Grant Writing for Impact" is more than just a grant-writing book. You'll also gain valuable insights into effective program management and partnership-building. This book offers:

  • Case studies from other school leaders who have successfully navigated the grants process
  • Clear, accessible language that makes the information easy to understand and put into action
  • Proven strategies and resources that have been tested by other schools
  • Free resources that make grant writing and program management easier than ever


This book is a must-read for any school leader who wants to take their funding to the next level. Whether you're just getting started with grant writing or you're looking for ways to improve your existing program, "Grant Writing for Impact" has everything you need to succeed.

Grant Writing for Impact

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