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Grants Planning for Schools: Develop Program Grants that Align with Your School’s Mission

Secure Funding for Your School with Expert Guidance


Are you a school leader looking to boost your funding through grants? "Grants Planning for Schools" is your go-to guide for navigating the world of foundation grants and aligning them with your school’s mission.


This comprehensive book offers a detailed, step-by-step approach to help you develop grant-winning programs aligned with your school's mission and funding priorities. It provides strategies for writing compelling proposals that effectively communicate the connection between your project goals and the funder's priorities, increasing your chances of securing the funding your school needs.


What's Inside?

Learn the essentials of understanding foundation grants, including the different types of foundations and the importance of building strong relationships. Discover how to identify critical needs and gaps through effective needs assessments, ensuring your grant proposals address the most pressing issues facing your school.


The book guides you through setting clear, actionable goals and objectives, using SMART criteria to ensure your plans are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Generate impactful grant project ideas that directly contribute to your school improvement goals and align with your mission.


Designing your program is made easy with key planning questions, a focus on outcomes versus methods, and practical tips for budget development. Learn how to identify necessary resources, draft a budget, and develop strong partnerships to enhance your grant proposals. Evaluation planning is simplified with guidance on key metrics and indicators, using existing evaluation procedures, and creating straightforward evaluation plans. Integrate these planning elements into compelling grant proposals, with examples and charts to help you compare goals, objectives, outcomes, and metrics.


Putting it all together, you’ll find sample grant proposals and a 30-day optimized timeline for developing grant programs, ensuring you can manage the process effectively even with a busy schedule. Explore strategies for writing more grants, including multiple submission tactics and tips on working with a grant writer.


Why Choose This Book?

  • Expert Advice: Gain insights from an experienced grant writer who understands the challenges you face.
  • Practical Tips: Follow step-by-step instructions and real-life examples to enhance your grant writing skills.
  • Comprehensive Guide: Covering everything from identifying needs to writing and managing proposals, this book is your ultimate resource for grant success.


Transform your grant writing efforts and secure the funding your school needs. Buy Now!

Grants Planning for Schools

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