Start-Up Guide for School Grants

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NEW! Is Your School Grant-Ready?

The question I hear most often from school leaders is, "What can I do to make sure my school is ready for grants?" This infographic will help you know the 6 simple steps you need to take to set your school up for success. Print in color on 11 X 17 for best results.

50 Grants for Your School

This updated list includes 50 grants that accept applications from schools like yours. Download this free list and get ready to find your next grant.

Quick Start for School Grants

This free checklist will help you get organized and get started.
Are you ready to write your next grant?

Grant Writer Interview Questions

Work with a Grant Writer that Works for You.

Use this form to prepare for the questions you should be asking, and the ones they might be asking you!

Tips for Success

Learn how to prepare for success. Download your free Tips for Success and start fulfilling your school's vision with a successful grants program.


Learn to Write Grants with These Resources

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7 Day Write a Grant Challenge

7 Days ~ 7 Simple Tasks

Do you have an idea for a grant but no time to write it?  Complete one simple task a day for 7 days and you’ll be ready to hit “submit”!

Pull together your school information

Develop your program idea

Create your plan

Simply enter your email below to start your 7 Day Challenge.  

After 7 days, you’ll have a fully developed grant proposal for an easy grant.

Happy Kids with Books

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You've been there - I know I have. You type keywords into the search bar to look for a new book, and you get hundreds of recommendations. How do you choose? 

People look at reviews and star-ratings to learn:

  • Will this book help me solve my problem?

  • Have others like me enjoyed this book?

  • Is this book high quality?

  • Can I trust this author?

  • Is this book worth my time?

If you found this book helpful, please let others know. You'll help other school leaders like yourself and you'll make an author happy.

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