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With 20 years experience in charter schools, I've worked with a wide variety of professionals. See what some of my colleagues are saying about my work.

Without question, Peggy is one of the most highly skilled women in the field of grant writing. Peggy and I recently worked on a large grant and she made me feel at ease. She understood exactly what I wanted to achieve. She has a superb style of working with and understanding her clients. Peggy was more than a writer for me. She was both supportive and empathetic to the requests and needs I outlined. I plan to work with her in the near future. I highly recommend Ms. Peggy Downs as a top-notched grant writer. 

Dr. Kim Scott, Executive Director of Teen Focus, Inc. and Charter School Founder

I was able to take two classes at the Colorado League of Charter School's Convention in which Peggy was speaking about writing grants. In the conversation, she said the best way to write a great grant, is to go and be a reviewer for CDE (Colorado Department of Education). To write a grant, you need to know how to be a reviewer and follow a rubric and see exactly it is what the grant wants. Write exactly what the grant wants and only what the grant wants. That is exactly what I did. I went and reviewed two grants for the CDE before attempting my first grant.

Heidi Breakey, former Principal at GLOBE Charter School

Peggy Downs is an expert in the field of communication and policy. She is also a master at teaching teachers how to be effective in the classroom.

Dr. Susan Goers, Executive Director, Capstone Classical Academy

Helping others write successful grant proposals is a very noble pursuit (in our humble and totally unbiased opinion). Wishing you luck, Peggy!

Grantsmanship Center on Twitter

Thanks, Peggy! I have purchased the training. Your awesome resources are appreciated! In my role as the Assistant Director of Grants for a non-profit organization that works with charter schools across the nation, I am always looking for resources to share with the schools. I will definitely be sharing the information and resources you have provided!

Dana Smith, Assistant Director of Grants

Peggy is such a wealth of information. Her in-depth, practical knowledge is such an asset for the charter school world. She breaks down complex processes and makes it easy for charter school leaders to follow, understand and increase their odds of success. I only wish I had known her much earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. 

Vanessa Besack, former Charter School Director

Not only is Peggy skilled at leading others to a common goal, she does so with purpose and strategic thought.

MacKenzie Khan, Charter School Coordinator, Aurora Public Schools

Ms. Downs demonstrates her strength in leadership by seeking solutions to difficult issues. She is a dedicated leader who is well versed and passionate in the operations of charter schools. She brings with her the ability to build a charter school from the ground up, and would work well with any team.

Emily Van Luit, Principal, Vanguard Classical School

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