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Improve Student Success with New Funding

Expert Grants for Schools and Nonprofits

​Are you a school or education nonprofit seeking crucial grant funding?

Look no further. At Granting Your Vision, we're a dedicated team of grant professionals led by Peggy Downs, an accomplished expert with a wealth of experience in addressing the distinctive funding and leadership challenges of educational institutions.

🌐 Grant Professionals Association (GPA): Proud members of the Grant Professionals Association nationally and within the Colorado chapter, our team stays connected, informed, and continually inspired by the incredible work happening in the world of grants.

📋 Peer Reviewer for Federal and State Grants: Our unique perspective goes beyond writing grants; it's about understanding what sets winning proposals apart. Serving as peer reviewers for federal grants, including CSP (Charter School Program) and EIR (Education Innovation and Research), as well as state grants like CCSP (Colorado Charter School Program), enriches our understanding.

📝 Grant Writing Experience: With over 75 foundation grants written for schools and education nonprofits, we've supported essential projects over the years. Our goal is to craft compelling proposals that resonate with funders and drive positive change in education.

Explore our range of services designed to empower your organization on the Services page or reach out to schedule a consultation. Gear up to propel your organization to new heights with the grant funding necessary for success.

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Granting Your Vision is dedicated to making a positive impact on academic achievement for all students. Our client distribution reflects our commitment to supporting educational excellence in both schools and nonprofit organizations. By providing tailored grant writing services, program development, and expert guidance, we empower schools and nonprofits to accelerate their funding goals and create lasting impacts in their communities. Explore the chart below to see how we collaborate with a diverse range of organizations, united by a shared vision for educational success.

Children in Classroom

50 Grants for Schools and Nonprofits

As a member of the Grant Professionals Association, I am committed to following the GPA Code of Ethics. Please click the button below to learn more. 

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