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I believe that grants can help schools provide more support and opportunities for their students and have greater impact on their communities. I work with school leaders, founders, and teachers to find, develop, and manage grants more successfully. To do this, I provide grant writing support, training, and resources developed specifically for those who write grants for schools.

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A Tale of a Charter School Leader

Grants are our friends.

Once upon a time, a charter school leader struggled to write grants for her school. Every day, she worried that she was missing out on grant funds that her school needed because she didn't have time to write grants and wasn't sure how to start. One day, she decided to find a mentor to help write a grant. Because of that, the school leader won a grant and got the funds she needed to support her students. Because of that, the school leader had the confidence to write more grants and to make grants part of her school's financial planning. Until finally, she became a grant-writing leader with the skills, experience, and confidence to develop consistent and reliable grants funding for her charter school.

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