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Improve Student Success with New Funding

Expert Grants for Schools and Nonprofits

Are You a School or Education Nonprofit in Need of Grant Funding?

Look no further. Peggy Downs is an expert in grants for schools and education nonprofits. With extensive experience addressing the unique funding and leadership challenges that schools and education programs face, Peggy can help you secure the funding you need to support your students and programs. From program development to grant proposal writing, Peggy is here to assist you in meeting your goals and becoming a valuable resource for your organization. To learn more about her services or to schedule a consultation, please contact her or visit her Services page. Get ready to take your organization to the next level with the grant funding you need.

Children in Classroom

50 Grants for Schools and Nonprofits

As a member of the Grant Professionals Association, I am committed to following the GPA Code of Ethics. Please click the button below to learn more. 


Longmont, Colorado

720 409-2157

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