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Charter School Grants: Save Time and Write a Better Grant

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

According to the Spring 2017 State of Grantseeking Report, 75 percent of organizations that submitted just one grant application won an award. 

When I was a school leader, I would have had to answer "both." Although I was successful in winning several small grants and I participated in the usual Title grants that are available to charter schools, I simply didn't have time to learn the process and develop the type of grant proposals that could make a difference in our funding structure. But I have good news for you!

I have been working hard to learn everything I can about grant writing for charter schools. I have written and won several grants for schools that I am working with, and I have reviewed CSP Grants for the US Department of Education. I want to share what I have learned with you.

  • You can write a grant.

  • You can diversify your funding to include grants that support your long-term goals.

  • You can partner with other nonprofits to increase your impact.

  • You CAN write a grant.

2019 is your year to write that grant! I can help.


Charter School Grants

My new book, Charter School Grants, was based on my experience in writing and implementing grants for charter schools.  I know how hard it is to find time to manage the grants process.  I'm here to help make it easier.  This informative guide for charter school leaders will help you write your next grant with confidence and clarity.

Should be required reading for all school leaders and board members interested in development. Charter school leaders are too often focused on our needs rather than what grantors are looking for.  Ms. Downs' common-sense approach cuts right to the chase and shows the reader how to see the perspective of funders whose priorities we must understand if we are to have any success in getting their financial support. It's a good read, too!

Steve Zimmerman, Coalition of Public Independent Charter Schools

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Grants Mentor Package

If the idea of writing a grant is still overwhelming, consider this. What if you had a mentor to help you in the process? A coach? A trusted advisor? Let me help you get this done.I am offering a special package for a limited time. We can talk together to plan your grant and get your questions answered, and then I will provide up to two hours of editing on your grant proposal draft. After you have had a chance to review my edits, we can talk again for up to 30 minutes to be sure you understand how to make your grant proposal as strong as possible. And, you get a FREE COPY of my eBook with the package!

Contact me at to learn more or to schedule your first call.

Every Grant Helps

Whether your school is granted $500 for a classroom library or $100,000 for a playground upgrade, every successful grant:

  • Helps to provide your school with needed resources.

  • Shows future donors that you are successful in gaining support from funders.

  • Helps your school use public funds responsibly by securing private donations to support your programs.

  • Builds the school’s visibility and credibility.

What would you like to learn next?

It is my goal to provide charter school leaders with the resources and information you need to create and lead your school. What is one thing you'd like to learn more about? Comment below!


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Peggy Downs works with school leaders who want to leverage grants to dramatically increase funding, impact, and credibility for their schools. More info and a ton of free resources are waiting for you at:

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