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Keeping It Legal: a school fundraising resource you need to have

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Every day, schools across the nation are conducting fundraising activities. But many of the people involved do not realize they may be violating state or federal laws in the way they are conducting their fundraising business…and it IS a business. According to the author of School Fundraising: So Much More Than Cookie Dough, “If you don’t know and don’t follow the rules, you can get burned.”

This book will become a coveted resource in your school office.

Stay out of trouble

I wish I had seen this book a few years ago when I was leading a charter school and supporting our school fundraising efforts. Many of the questions we had are answered right here in this book…if I’d only known. The author, Sandra Pfau Englund, shares her experience and expertise to help schools stay out of trouble with the IRS.

This book is directed at anyone involved in school fundraising, from the parent volunteer who suddenly gets tapped to become the president of the PTO to the busy school administrator who is responsible for making fundraising decisions. Englund offers a description of the technical legal considerations in easy-to-understand language. She provides a multitude of resources (Appendices A – G) to help set up your school fundraising program. The book describes how to set up a program for success, how to manage reports and tax-exempt information, and how to deal with the constant turnover in volunteers for committees.

School Fundraising: So Much More Than Cookie Dough will become a coveted resource in your school office. Buy several copies and share them with anyone who needs this information. You won’t regret it!

School Fundraising
I've got my copy!

Good news!

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Update: Congrats to Brenda S.! She won a free copy of this book. You can still follow me on Amazon - I am working on more books and resources for school leaders all the time. Contact me if you have any requests or suggestions for new books!


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