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So You Want to Write a Grant. Now What? (FAQs for School Grants)

Last week, I got a phone call from a board member of a charter school. She'd been asked to help write grants for her school and she had a few questions. She's not alone. I get calls like this often. So, I decided to collect the most frequently asked questions and share my answers here with you. Keep reading to find out what other school leaders are asking!

FAQs for School Leaders
What questions do you have?

1. Which comes first, the idea or the grant?

Is it better to search for grants and then find a program or problem that works for the grant? Or is it better to start with your idea and find a grant that matches it?

It can work either way. In my trainings, I suggest that you start by identifying your problem first, and then find a grant that matches what you hope to achieve. However, sometimes a grant opportunity lands in your lap and you can craft a proposal to match the grant goals. The important thing is that your program goals and the grant goals align.

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2. How do I find a grant?

There are many ways to find school grants. The best place to start is with grants that other schools have been awarded. Pay attention to what your colleagues are saying about the grants they have won. Other ways to find grants include:

  • Google search

  • Grants database search

  • Social media

  • Networking through colleagues and parents

  • Local news and announcements

  • Professional associations

  • State Department of Education

Here is a handy tracking tool to help your search. It's what I use when I am researching grants. Download now. It's FREE! Grants Tracker by Grants Mentor

3. How do I decide if this grant is a good match for my school and idea?

Review the basic information for each grant:

  • Purpose - Does your program idea align with the grant’s goals and purpose?

  • Deadline - Do you have enough time to prepare a good proposal?

  • Funding amounts - Does the grant offer funding amounts to meet your needs?

  • Eligibility - Does your school qualify?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then review the application and grant website in more detail. As you review the grant information, watch for any details that might make the grant a bad match, such as unexpected requirements or program goals that don't align with your school's mission. If the grant appears to be a good match, then proceed to planning your proposal.

4. How do I write a grant?

This question is a bigger one so I will simply point you to a couple of resources that will help you write a stellar grant proposal.

5 . What about hiring a grant writer?

Good grant writers will work with you to ensure your project is cost effective and professional. They can provide expertise, answer questions about your project, and be an important member of your grant writing team. If you find a good grant writer, it can be beneficial to develop a long-term partnership with him or her, because the work will get stronger as they become more familiar with your school and your program goals.

Don’t imagine that hiring a grant writer will mean you don’t have work to do. You are hiring their expertise in grants and their skills and experience with writing proposals, but YOU are still the expert on your school and your program. You need to provide leadership, access, and information to support your grant writer.

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These are my FAQs for school grants. What questions do you have? Did this help you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


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